Your government: Carter County Commission

Many people know who represents them in Washington, D.C., but fewer know who represents them in OKC. From local potholes to development, do you know your representation at the county level?

At a glance :

  • Oklahoma counties are each divided into three districts with roughly equal population
  • The Carter County Commission meets weekly to conduct official business on behalf of constituents
  • Public meetings regularly receive updates from department heads, potential developers, utility representatives, and others
  • Weekly agendas are often posted to the county’s website each Friday, with meetings held on Monday at 9 a.m.

Among the most local of governments for many Americans is their county government, and Oklahoma is no different. According to Oklahoma State University, counties are an extension of state government and have many responsibilities like road and bridge repair, land record management, financial record management, tax assessments and warrants, and more.

Those duties are assigned by the state constitution and much of that business is conducted during public meetings. Whether urban or rural, every county is divided into three districts and all Oklahoma residents are represented by one of three county commissioners. As of April 2022 in Carter County, those commissioners are Joe David McReynolds (District 1), Bill Baker (District 2), and Jerry Alvord (District 3).

Carter County is divided into three districts: District 1 to the east; District 2 to the northwest; and District 3 to the southwest. This and other interactive legislative maps for the state of Oklahoma can be found at, a project by the Center for Spatial Analysis at the University of Oklahoma.

The Carter County Commission meets weekly to conduct regular business for the county including buying or selling equipment, buying or selling public lands, bids over $10,000, contracts, and more. They also draft annual budgets, and review and approve income and expenses.

Attending public meetings of the Carter County Commission can be a good way to hear updates from various county officials about public safety, road maintenance, and land development. Meetings are held every Monday morning at the main Carter County Administration Building at the intersection of A Street Northwest and West Broadway in downtown Ardmore.

The Carter County Board of Commissioners meets most Monday mornings at 9 a.m. at the county administration building at A Street Northwest and West Broadway in downtown Ardmore.

Below is a commission agenda ahead of a regular meeting on April 25, 2022. Agendas for regular commission meetings are typically posted the Friday before to the county’s website,