Ardmore is the largest city in Carter County and the county seat, housing county administration offices and the courthouse. The current city charter dates back to a 1959 vote of the people, while the current Code of Ordinances for the City of Ardmore was first approved by city commissioners in 1968.

We, the people of the City of Ardmore, Oklahoma, exercising the powers of home rule granted to us by the Constitution and laws of the State of Oklahoma, in order to provide for more efficient, adequate and economical government, do hereby amend the heretofore existing Charter of the City of Ardmore, Oklahoma, as amended, by repealing it and substituting in lieu thereof this Charter of the City of Ardmore, Oklahoma; and do hereby ordain, ratify and establish this Charter of the City of Ardmore, Oklahoma, as the organic law of the city.

Preamble to the Charter of the City of Ardmore, first approved by 74% of Ardmore voters in April 1959

At a Glance

Founded: 1887

Government Type: Commissioner-Manager

Regular meeting schedule: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month (except holidays)

Regular meeting location: 23 South Washington Street – City Commission Chambers (3rd Floor)

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