While the Town of Dickson was officially incorporated in 1968, the community dates back more than a century when it grew large enough for a school district to be formed by 1923. According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, the school and later the town itself was named for Carter County school superintendent A. E. Dickson.

Today the town runs along the important intersection of U.S. Highway 177 and State Highway 199, or Sam Noble Parkway towards Ardmore, in the extreme eastern portion of the county. Home to multiple shops and services, the K-12 footprint for the Comets’ sprawling campus dominates central Dickson.

At a Glance

Dickson Town Hall – February 2024

Founded: 1968

Government Type: Board of Trustees (3 members)

  • Jerren Preston – Seat 1
  • David Huhman – Seat 2
  • Aaron Custer – Seat 3

Regular meeting schedule: 4th Monday of each month, 7 p.m.

Regular meeting location: 35 Eastgate Loop

External Links

Dickson Police Department on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/p/Dickson-Police-Department-100069823373822/

Dickson Public Schools – https://www.dickson.k12.ok.us/home