Looking for specific information about Carter County or any of its towns and cities? Here’s a compilation of Carter Observer’s collected data on each of the county’s nine municipalities, including links to official resources1:

Ardmore | Dickson | Gene Autry | Healdton | Lone Grove | Ratliff City | Springer | Tatums | Wilson

Wanting to learn more?

The following links will redirect you away from this website to official resources of information. To report broken links or recommend additional sources, please reach out and become a Carter Observer.

Carter County: http://cartercountyok.us/

OSU Extension: Documents about county and local government: https://extension.okstate.edu/topics/business-and-community/community-and-rural-improvement/county-and-local-government/index.html

  1. Links to complete city codes for Ardmore, Healdton, Lone Grove and Ratliff City can be found under the respective city’s “Resources” page; copies of the complete city codes for Dickson, Tatums and Wilson can be reviewed at the Carter County Courthouse Law Library; copies of the complete city codes for Gene Autry and Springer can be found at their respective town halls. ↩︎